Welcome to our Canada Regulatory Law Blogs homepage!  Here, you will find links to our life sciences, food and biotech regulatory blogs and some information about our contributors.

We are a group of lawyers practicing at Gilbert’s LLP in Toronto.  Gilbert’s LLP is a full-service boutique for innovation-driven industries.  We act as strategic intellectual property, regulatory, corporate and litigation counsel.  On the regulatory front, we work with clients in obtaining regulatory approvals of new products, using strong science and my many years of experience working with Health Canada to get the job done.

For more information about us, please visit our firm website: www.gilbertslaw.ca

We are passionate about the industries regulated by Health Canada and the FDA, and love to geek out on issues relating to the regulation of these industries.  The Canada Regulatory Law Blogs are borne out of our desire to contribute to the conversation, and share our passion with others.

We hope you enjoy!


The Gilbert’s LLP Canada Regulatory Law Blogs Team


Our Contributors

Here are some of our esteemed contributors.  We are as passionate about regulatory law as the lawmakers who make them (and maybe even a little more!)


Sara Zborovski
IP and Regulatory law Thought Leader. Lead Project Manager and Partner at Gilbert’s LLP.


Nathaniel Lipkus
Litigator, Patent Agent, Industry Advisor, and Partner at Gilbert’s LLP.


Max Morgan
Litigator, Patent & Copyright Lawyer with 5 Years under his belt slaving at a New York lawfirm.











Jamie Goodman
IP and Regulatory Lawyer and Artist.


Paul Banwatt
IP Lawyer, Drummer in a Rock-and-Roll Band.

Patrick DykeLaw GIANT, Vegan, Bagel Joke Machine.

Patrick Dyke
Articling student with advanced physical science credentials.

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